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Browns Park and John Jarvie Ranch: general information

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Browns Park and John Jarvie Ranch

Quick info

Explore where the wild west is still wild and where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hid out from the long arms of the law. This region was filled with outlaws, guns, and traders.
This is the official Park Map by the Bureau of Landmanagement.
Explore where the wild west is still wild and where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hid out from the long arms of the law. This region was filled with outlaws, guns, and traders.
This is the official Park Map by the Bureau of Landmanagement.

Browns Park and John Jarvie Ranch: nearby sleeping facilities

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Blue Mountain Inn and Suites
Flaming Gorge Resort
Red Canyon Lodge
Flaming Gorge Cafe & Motel
Rocky Ridge Outpost
The Jensen Inn
Oak Tree Inn
Sage Motel

Browns Park and John Jarvie Ranch: nearby destinations

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CurecantiNational Recreation Area - Colorado - 313km (197mi)
National Elk RefugeNational Wildlife Refuge - Wyoming - 315km (198mi)
Indian Creek Corridor Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 315km (198mi)
Casper - Natrona County International AirportAirport - Wyoming - 315km (198mi)
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Caribou-TargheeNational Forest - Idaho - 354km (222mi)
Capitol ReefNational Park - Utah - 354km (222mi)
Notom Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 361km (226mi)
Morrison-Golden Fossil AreasNational Natural Landmark - Colorado - 361km (227mi)
Rockefeller Memorial ParkwayByways - Wyoming - 363km (228mi)
Edge of the CedarsState Park - Utah - 364km (229mi)
Dinosaur MuseumPoints of Interest - Utah - 366km (230mi)
FishlakeNational Forest - Utah - 366km (230mi)
San JuanNational Forest - Colorado - 368km (231mi)
Cedar MesaPoints of Interest - Utah - 370km (232mi)
Three Kiva PuebloPoints of Interest - Utah - 371km (232mi)
Natural BridgesNational Monument - Utah - 372km (234mi)
YellowstoneNational Park - Idaho - 373km (234mi)
Idaho Falls Regional AirportAirport - Idaho - 376km (236mi)
Canyons of the AncientsNational Monument - Colorado - 376km (236mi)
Pony Express Trail National Back Country BywayByways - Utah - 377km (236mi)
Fish SpringsNational Wildlife Refuge - Utah - 377km (236mi)
San Juan Skyway National Forest Scenic BywayByways - Colorado - 377km (236mi)
Mule Canyon Indian RuinsPoints of Interest - Utah - 377km (236mi)
Butler Wash Indian RuinPoints of Interest - Utah - 377km (237mi)
Burr Trail Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 381km (239mi)
Ashton to Tetonia TrailState Park - Idaho - 384km (241mi)
Yellowstone Bear WorldZoos and Aquariums - Idaho - 385km (242mi)
Canyon of Gold Driving TourByways - Utah - 385km (242mi)
Hell's Backbone Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 386km (242mi)
Trail of the Ancients National Scenic BywayByways - Colorado - 387km (243mi)
HovenweepNational Monument - Utah - 391km (245mi)
HovenweepNational Monument - Colorado - 391km (245mi)
GoosenecksState Park - Utah - 392km (246mi)
Box Death HollowWilderness - Utah - 395km (248mi)
Trail of the Ancients National Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 396km (249mi)
Posey Lake - Pine Creek Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 397km (249mi)
Buffalo Bill Cody National Forest Scenic BywayByways - Wyoming - 398km (249mi)
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