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Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort: general information

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Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort: nearby sleeping facilities

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18 preferred sleeping facilities (B&B's, inns, motels, etc.):

Cancun Resort
South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa
Palms Casino and Resort
Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa
Trump International Hotel Las Vegas
Boulder Dam Hotel
Orleans Hotel & Casino
Boulder Inn and Suites
Silverton Casino Lodge
Flamingo Inn Motel
Best Western Pahrump Station
Grandview Resorts at Las Vegas
Stay-at-Dar's Bed and Breakfast
Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort
Sands Motel
El Rancho Boulder Motel
Arizona Charlie's Decatur
Hacienda Hotel & Casino

Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort: nearby destinations

23 Other parks or sites within 200km (125mi):

Stratosphere TowerLandmark - Nevada - 4km (3mi)
Las Vegas Boulevard or the StripLandmark - Nevada - 6km (5mi)
Las Vegas - McCarran International AirportAirport - Nevada - 9km (7mi)
Shark ReefZoos and Aquariums - Nevada - 10km (7mi)
Red Rock CanyonNational Conservation Area - Nevada - 26km (17mi)
Bonnie Springs Ranch and Old NevadaPoints of Interest - Nevada - 31km (20mi)
Spring Mountain RanchState Park - Nevada - 31km (20mi)
Hemenway ValleyPark - Nevada - 34km (22mi)
DesertNational Wildlife Refuge - Nevada - 35km (23mi)
Lake MeadNational Recreation Area - Nevada - 39km (25mi)
Moapa ValleyNational Wildlife Refuge - Nevada - 70km (44mi)
Lake MeadNational Recreation Area - Arizona - 76km (48mi)
Ash MeadowsNational Wildlife Refuge - Nevada - 110km (70mi)
Grand Canyon SkywalkPoints of Interest - Arizona - 120km (76mi)
PahranagatNational Wildlife Refuge - Nevada - 121km (76mi)
Big Bend of the ColoradoState Park - Nevada - 126km (79mi)
MojaveNational Preserve - California - 156km (98mi)
Death ValleyNational Park - Nevada - 166km (105mi)
St. George Municipal AirportAirport - Utah - 171km (108mi)
Beaver DamState Park - Nevada - 175km (110mi)
ParashantNational Monument - Arizona - 184km (116mi)
Death ValleyNational Park - California - 190km (120mi)
Cathedral GorgeState Park - Nevada - 193km (121mi)

56 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

ZionNational Park - Utah - 224km (141mi)
Pipe SpringNational Monument - Arizona - 227km (143mi)
Cedar BreaksNational Monument - Utah - 259km (162mi)
Joshua TreeNational Park - California - 259km (162mi)
Grand CanyonNational Park - Arizona - 277km (174mi)
East Fork Sevier River Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 292km (183mi)
Frisco ghost townPoints of Interest - Utah - 303km (190mi)
DixieNational Forest - Utah - 304km (191mi)
Bryce CanyonNational Park - Utah - 309km (194mi)
Belmont CourthouseState Park - Nevada - 309km (194mi)
Bryce CanyonAirport - Utah - 314km (197mi)
Bryce Canyon Airport HangarPoints of Interest - Utah - 314km (197mi)
Kodachrome BasinState Park - Utah - 316km (199mi)
Cottonwood Canyon Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 319km (200mi)
TuzigootNational Monument - Arizona - 322km (202mi)
Little Colorado RiverPark - Arizona - 324km (203mi)
Sequoia & Kings CanyonNational Park - California - 325km (204mi)
Vermilion CliffsNational Monument - Arizona - 325km (204mi)
Great BasinNational Park - Nevada - 326km (204mi)
Ontario International AirportAirport - California - 327km (205mi)
Beaver Canyon Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 328km (206mi)
Kings CanyonNational Park - California - 336km (211mi)
Sunset Crater VolcanoNational Monument - Arizona - 336km (211mi)
Cave LakeState Park - Nevada - 336km (211mi)
Grand Staircase EscalanteNational Monument - Utah - 337km (212mi)
Historic Route 66Byways - Arizona - 339km (213mi)
Lake PowellPark - Arizona - 340km (214mi)
Tuba City or Moenave Dinosaur Track SitePoints of Interest - Arizona - 343km (215mi)
CoconinoNational Forest - Arizona - 345km (216mi)
Anza-Borrego DesertState Park - California - 345km (217mi)
Montezuma CastleNational Monument - Arizona - 346km (217mi)
Walnut CanyonNational Monument - Arizona - 346km (217mi)
WupatkiNational Monument - Arizona - 347km (217mi)
Glen CanyonNational Recreation Area - Utah - 348km (218mi)
Glen CanyonNational Recreation Area - Arizona - 349km (219mi)
Canyon of Gold Driving TourByways - Utah - 352km (221mi)
Escalante Petrified ForestState Park - Utah - 358km (225mi)
Scenic Byway 12Byways - Utah - 361km (227mi)
Rainbow BridgeNational Monument - Utah - 361km (227mi)
Posey Lake - Pine Creek Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 362km (227mi)
Box Death HollowWilderness - Utah - 366km (230mi)
Berlin-IchthyosaurState Park - Nevada - 370km (232mi)
FishlakeNational Forest - Utah - 371km (233mi)
Hell's Backbone Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 372km (234mi)
Rancho La BreaNational Natural Landmark - California - 376km (236mi)
Hole-in-the-Rock Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 381km (239mi)
Devils PostpileNational Monument - California - 384km (241mi)
Will RogersState Park - California - 388km (243mi)
Los Angeles International AirportAirport - California - 388km (243mi)
Upper Las Virgenes CanyonOpen Space Preserve - California - 390km (245mi)
TopangaState Park - California - 391km (245mi)
Yuma International AirportAirport - Arizona - 394km (247mi)
Stunt RanchPark Reserve - California - 395km (248mi)
Tuna CanyonPark - California - 395km (248mi)
Burr Trail Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 396km (248mi)
Cheeseboro - Palo Comado CanyonsPark - California - 397km (249mi)