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Butler Wash Indian Ruin: general information

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Butler Wash Indian Ruin

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Butler Wash Indian Ruin: nearby sleeping facilities

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17 preferred sleeping facilities (B&B's, inns, motels, etc.):

Blue Mountain Horsehead Inn
Grist Mill Inn
Roughlock RV Park & Cabins, Runnin' Iron Inn & The Rusty Lillie Lodge
The Monticello Inn
Rio Grande Southern Hotel
Mt Peale Resort Country Inn
San Juan Inn
Inn at the Canyons
Desert Rose Inn & Cabins
Goulding's Lodge
Recapture Lodge
Super 8 Motel Blanding
The View Hotel
Hat Rock Inn
Four Corners Inn
Stone Lizard Lodging
Gateway Inn

Butler Wash Indian Ruin: nearby destinations

62 Other parks or sites within 200km (125mi):

Mule Canyon Indian RuinsPoints of Interest - Utah - 9km (6mi)
Cedar MesaPoints of Interest - Utah - 14km (10mi)
GoosenecksState Park - Utah - 15km (10mi)
Dinosaur MuseumPoints of Interest - Utah - 16km (11mi)
Edge of the CedarsState Park - Utah - 17km (11mi)
Trail of the Ancients National Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 19km (13mi)
Fort BluffHistoric Site - Utah - 27km (18mi)
Sand Island PetroglyphsPoints of Interest - Utah - 29km (19mi)
Natural BridgesNational Monument - Utah - 31km (20mi)
Three Kiva PuebloPoints of Interest - Utah - 33km (21mi)
Valley of the GodsPoints of Interest - Utah - 35km (23mi)
Moki DugwayPoints of Interest - Utah - 39km (25mi)
Muley PointPoints of Interest - Utah - 45km (29mi)
San Juan River BridgePoints of Interest - Utah - 46km (30mi)
HovenweepNational Monument - Utah - 51km (33mi)
HovenweepNational Monument - Colorado - 51km (33mi)
Indian CreekState Park - Utah - 52km (33mi)
Indian Creek Corridor Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 62km (39mi)
Trail of the Ancients National Scenic BywayByways - Arizona - 73km (47mi)
Monument ValleyPark - Arizona - 73km (47mi)
Gouldings Lodge and Historic Trading PostPoints of Interest - Utah - 76km (48mi)
Hole In The RockNational Historic Trail - Utah - 77km (49mi)
Four Corners MonumentLandmark - Utah - 78km (49mi)
Canyons of the AncientsNational Monument - Colorado - 79km (50mi)
Trail of the Ancients National Scenic BywayByways - Colorado - 86km (55mi)
CanyonlandsNational Park - Utah - 90km (57mi)
Yucca HouseNational Monument - Colorado - 96km (61mi)
Dead Horse Mesa Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 106km (67mi)
Mesa VerdeNational Park - Colorado - 106km (67mi)
Dead Horse PointState Park - Utah - 107km (68mi)
ArchesNational Park - Utah - 121km (77mi)
Mill Canyon Dinosaur TrailPoints of Interest - Utah - 123km (78mi)
NavajoNational Monument - Arizona - 124km (78mi)
Copper Ridge Dinosaur TrackwaysPoints of Interest - Utah - 130km (82mi)
Hole-in-the-Rock Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 133km (84mi)
Notom Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 138km (87mi)
Burr Trail Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 142km (89mi)
Capitol ReefNational Park - Utah - 148km (94mi)
Rainbow BridgeNational Monument - Utah - 151km (95mi)
Canyon De ChellyNational Monument - Arizona - 152km (96mi)
San Juan Skyway National Forest Scenic BywayByways - Colorado - 156km (98mi)
Aztec RuinsNational Monument - New Mexico - 163km (103mi)
San JuanNational Forest - Colorado - 165km (104mi)
Capitol Reef Country Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 166km (105mi)
Glen CanyonNational Recreation Area - Arizona - 168km (106mi)
Glen CanyonNational Recreation Area - Utah - 170km (107mi)
Lake PowellPark - Arizona - 173km (109mi)
Box Death HollowWilderness - Utah - 177km (112mi)
Scenic Byway 12Byways - Utah - 178km (112mi)
Escalante Petrified ForestState Park - Utah - 178km (112mi)
Hell's Backbone Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 178km (112mi)
Grand Staircase EscalanteNational Monument - Utah - 179km (113mi)
Posey Lake - Pine Creek Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 182km (115mi)
RidgwayState Park - Colorado - 183km (115mi)
Alpine Loop Back Country BywayByways - Colorado - 187km (117mi)
Vermilion CliffsNational Monument - Arizona - 188km (118mi)
Black Ridge CanyonsWilderness - Colorado - 189km (119mi)
ColoradoNational Monument - Colorado - 192km (121mi)
Fort Uncompahgre Living History MuseumPoints of Interest - Colorado - 192km (121mi)
Ute Council TreeLandmark - Colorado - 193km (121mi)
Museum of the WestPoints of Interest - Colorado - 195km (123mi)
McInnis CanyonsNational Conservation Area - Colorado - 196km (123mi)

82 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

Cottonwood Canyon Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 200km (126mi)
Black Canyon Of The GunnisonNational Park - Colorado - 205km (129mi)
Kodachrome BasinState Park - Utah - 208km (131mi)
Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse RangeWild Horse Sanctuary - Colorado - 208km (131mi)
Fishlake Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 214km (135mi)
Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric HighwayByways - Utah - 215km (135mi)
Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric HighwayByways - Colorado - 217km (137mi)
Tuba City or Moenave Dinosaur Track SitePoints of Interest - Arizona - 218km (137mi)
Grand MesaNational Forest - Colorado - 221km (139mi)
Bryce CanyonAirport - Utah - 223km (140mi)
Bryce Canyon Airport HangarPoints of Interest - Utah - 223km (140mi)
Bryce CanyonNational Park - Utah - 224km (141mi)
CurecantiNational Recreation Area - Colorado - 225km (141mi)
DixieNational Forest - Utah - 234km (147mi)
East Fork Sevier River Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 234km (147mi)
Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur QuarryNational Natural Landmark - Utah - 236km (148mi)
Little Colorado RiverPark - Arizona - 248km (156mi)
FishlakeNational Forest - Utah - 249km (156mi)
College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric MuseumPoints of Interest - Utah - 252km (158mi)
Canyon of Gold Driving TourByways - Utah - 255km (160mi)
Western Mining and Railroad MuseumPoints of Interest - Utah - 262km (165mi)
Beaver Canyon Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 265km (166mi)
Ohio Creek Scenic DrivePoints of Interest - Colorado - 266km (167mi)
Grand CanyonNational Park - Arizona - 268km (169mi)
WupatkiNational Monument - Arizona - 271km (170mi)
Crested ButteNational Historic District - Colorado - 276km (174mi)
Indian Canyon Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 278km (175mi)
Red Stone Coke OvensPoints of Interest - Colorado - 278km (175mi)
West Elk Loop Scenic BywayByways - Colorado - 278km (175mi)
Canyon PintadoNational Historic District - Colorado - 279km (175mi)
Fantasy CanyonPoints of Interest - Utah - 282km (177mi)
Cedar BreaksNational Monument - Utah - 282km (177mi)
Pipe SpringNational Monument - Arizona - 285km (179mi)
CoconinoNational Forest - Arizona - 287km (180mi)
Petrified ForestNational Park - Arizona - 288km (181mi)
Sunset Crater VolcanoNational Monument - Arizona - 294km (185mi)
El MorroNational Monument - New Mexico - 299km (188mi)
ZionNational Park - Utah - 300km (188mi)
Hotel ColoradoNational Historic Landmark - Colorado - 302km (189mi)
Historic Route 66Byways - Arizona - 305km (191mi)
DinosaurNational Monument - Colorado - 308km (193mi)
White RiverNational Forest - Colorado - 308km (194mi)
Walnut CanyonNational Monument - Arizona - 311km (195mi)
White River MuseumPoints of Interest - Colorado - 317km (199mi)
Independence Ghost TownPoints of Interest - Colorado - 317km (199mi)
El MalpaisNational Monument - New Mexico - 318km (200mi)
Independence Pass Scenic BywayByways - Colorado - 318km (200mi)
Top of the Rockies National Scenic BywayByways - Colorado - 318km (200mi)
Tour of the Tilted Rocks scenic driveByways - Utah - 324km (204mi)
DinosaurNational Monument - Utah - 325km (204mi)
Utah Field House of Natural History MuseumState Park - Utah - 326km (205mi)
ParashantNational Monument - Arizona - 327km (205mi)
Eagle County Regional AirportAirport - Colorado - 334km (209mi)
Frisco ghost townPoints of Interest - Utah - 334km (210mi)
Indian Petroglyphs - Dry Fork CanyonPoints of Interest - Utah - 335km (210mi)
Moonshine archPoints of Interest - Utah - 337km (211mi)
Red FleetState Park - Utah - 342km (214mi)
Jones Hole Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 344km (216mi)
Flat Tops Scenic BywayByways - Colorado - 346km (217mi)
AshleyNational Forest - Utah - 349km (219mi)
Red Cloud Loop Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 351km (220mi)
St. George Municipal AirportAirport - Utah - 353km (222mi)
BandelierNational Monument - New Mexico - 357km (224mi)
Flaming Gorge-Uintas National Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 360km (226mi)
Great Sand DunesNational Preserve - Colorado - 363km (228mi)
Great Sand DunesNational Park - Colorado - 363km (228mi)
Timpanogos CaveNational Monument - Utah - 371km (232mi)
PetroglyphNational Monument - New Mexico - 372km (234mi)
TuzigootNational Monument - Arizona - 374km (235mi)
Browns ParkNational Wildlife Refuge - Colorado - 375km (235mi)
Yampa-Egeria MuseumPoints of Interest - Colorado - 375km (235mi)
Sheep Creek and Spirit Lake Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 375km (235mi)
Browns Park and John Jarvie RanchPark - Utah - 377km (237mi)
Flaming GorgeNational Recreation Area - Utah - 379km (238mi)
Montezuma CastleNational Monument - Arizona - 380km (238mi)
Tracks and Trails MuseumPoints of Interest - Colorado - 384km (241mi)
Albuquerque International SunportAirport - New Mexico - 385km (242mi)
Yampa RiverState Park - Colorado - 386km (242mi)
Beaver DamState Park - Nevada - 392km (246mi)
RouttNational Forest - Colorado - 394km (247mi)
Wheeler Historic FarmCounty Park - Utah - 396km (248mi)
Kennecott Copper MineLandmark - Utah - 399km (250mi)