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Lower Klamath: general information

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Lower Klamath

Quick info

  • Type of destination: National Wildlife Refuge
  • Location of destination: USA - California
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This is the official Park Map by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
This is the official Park Map by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Lower Klamath: nearby sleeping facilities

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10 preferred sleeping facilities (B&B's, inns, motels, etc.):

Crystalwood Lodge
Arden Forest Inn
Lake of the Woods Resort
Sun Pass Ranch
Rocky Point Resort
Crater Lake Resort
Crystal Wood Lodge
Abigail's Bed & Breakfast Inn
The Ashland Hostel
Aspen Inn Motel

Lower Klamath: nearby destinations

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Klamath BasinNational Wildlife Refuge - California - 0km (0mi)
Tule Lake UnitNational Monument - California - 7km (5mi)
Lava BedsNational Monument - California - 26km (17mi)
Butte Valley Wildlife AreaFish and Wildlife - California - 43km (28mi)
KlamathNational Forest - California - 45km (29mi)
Klamath BasinNational Wildlife Refuge - Oregon - 73km (46mi)
Upper KlamathNational Wildlife Refuge - Oregon - 75km (48mi)
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McArthur-Burney Falls MemorialState Park - California - 104km (66mi)
Volcanic Legacy Scenic BywayByways - California - 104km (66mi)
Rogue Valley International-Medford AirportAirport - Oregon - 117km (74mi)
Crater LakeNational Park - Oregon - 120km (76mi)
Oregon CavesNational Monument - Oregon - 153km (96mi)
Shasta DamPoints of Interest - California - 153km (97mi)
Lassen VolcanicNational Park - California - 162km (102mi)
Outback Scenic BywayByways - Oregon - 165km (104mi)
WhiskeytownNational Recreation Area - California - 168km (106mi)
LassenNational Forest - California - 183km (115mi)

21 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

Cascade Lakes Scenic BywayByways - Oregon - 206km (129mi)
NewberryNational Monument - Oregon - 212km (133mi)
RedwoodNational Park - California - 213km (134mi)
SunriverNature Center - Oregon - 216km (136mi)
DeschutesNational Forest - Oregon - 221km (139mi)
Cascade Highway 58 Covered Bridge LoopByways - Oregon - 239km (150mi)
Dexter ReservoirPoints of Interest - Oregon - 240km (151mi)
LowellState Park - Oregon - 241km (152mi)
DexterState Park - Oregon - 241km (152mi)
Roberts Field - Redmond Municipal AirportAirport - Oregon - 258km (162mi)
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Kam Wah ChungState Park - Oregon - 347km (217mi)
Sacramento International AirportAirport - California - 362km (227mi)
Journey Through Time Scenic BywayByways - Oregon - 363km (228mi)
The Petrified ForestLandmark - California - 388km (243mi)
Stone LakesNational Wildlife Refuge - California - 398km (249mi)