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Hohokam Pima: general information

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Hohokam Pima: nearby destinations

8 Other parks or sites within 200km (125mi):

Phoenix Sky Harbor International AirportAirport - Arizona - 28km (18mi)
Casa Grande RuinsNational Monument - Arizona - 42km (27mi)
TontoNational Monument - Arizona - 90km (57mi)
SaguaroNational Park - Arizona - 140km (88mi)
Tucson International AirportAirport - Arizona - 150km (94mi)
Montezuma CastleNational Monument - Arizona - 158km (100mi)
Organ Pipe CactusNational Monument - Arizona - 160km (101mi)
TuzigootNational Monument - Arizona - 176km (111mi)

18 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

Walnut CanyonNational Monument - Arizona - 223km (140mi)
Historic Route 66Byways - Arizona - 233km (146mi)
Sunset Crater VolcanoNational Monument - Arizona - 245km (154mi)
CoconinoNational Forest - Arizona - 249km (156mi)
Yuma International AirportAirport - Arizona - 256km (161mi)
WupatkiNational Monument - Arizona - 264km (166mi)
ChiricahuaNational Monument - Arizona - 274km (172mi)
Petrified ForestNational Park - Arizona - 274km (172mi)
Little Colorado RiverPark - Arizona - 304km (191mi)
Grand CanyonNational Park - Arizona - 322km (202mi)
Tuba City or Moenave Dinosaur Track SitePoints of Interest - Arizona - 328km (206mi)
Big Bend of the ColoradoState Park - Nevada - 330km (207mi)
Gila Cliff DwellingsNational Monument - New Mexico - 342km (215mi)
Grand Canyon SkywalkPoints of Interest - Arizona - 358km (225mi)
Lake MeadNational Recreation Area - Arizona - 367km (230mi)
El MorroNational Monument - New Mexico - 388km (243mi)
Canyon De ChellyNational Monument - Arizona - 395km (248mi)
Joshua TreeNational Park - California - 397km (249mi)