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Cabrillo: general information

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  • Type of destination: National Monument
  • Location of destination: USA - California
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This is the official Park Map by the National Park Service.
This is the official Park Map by the National Park Service.

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Cabrillo: nearby destinations

7 Other parks or sites within 200km (125mi):

San Diego International AirportAirport - California - 7km (5mi)
Anza-Borrego DesertState Park - California - 101km (64mi)
Ontario International AirportAirport - California - 156km (99mi)
Los Angeles International AirportAirport - California - 177km (112mi)
Joshua TreeNational Park - California - 181km (114mi)
Rancho La BreaNational Natural Landmark - California - 186km (117mi)
Will RogersState Park - California - 193km (122mi)

23 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

Tuna CanyonPark - California - 200km (126mi)
TopangaState Park - California - 201km (127mi)
Stunt RanchPark Reserve - California - 205km (129mi)
Corral CanyonPark - California - 205km (129mi)
Solstice CanyonPark - California - 206km (130mi)
Escondido CanyonPark - California - 207km (130mi)
TapiaPark - California - 208km (131mi)
Malibu CreekState Park - California - 210km (132mi)
Santa Monica MountainsNational Recreation Area - California - 212km (134mi)
Paramount RanchPark - California - 213km (134mi)
Upper Las Virgenes CanyonOpen Space Preserve - California - 214km (134mi)
Peter Strauss RanchPark - California - 214km (135mi)
Cheeseboro - Palo Comado CanyonsPark - California - 215km (135mi)
Rocky OaksPark - California - 215km (135mi)
CharmleeWilderness - California - 216km (136mi)
Arroyo SequitPark - California - 219km (138mi)
Circle X RanchPark - California - 224km (141mi)
Point MuguState Park - California - 227km (143mi)
Yuma International AirportAirport - Arizona - 247km (155mi)
Channel IslandsNational Park - California - 275km (173mi)
MojaveNational Preserve - California - 279km (175mi)
Big Bend of the ColoradoState Park - Nevada - 362km (227mi)
Carrizo PlainNational Monument - California - 372km (233mi)