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White Pass Scenic Byway: general information

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White Pass Scenic Byway: nearby sleeping facilities

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10 preferred sleeping facilities (B&B's, inns, motels, etc.):

Carbon Country's Shady Rest
The Green Cape Cod Bed & Breakfast
Crest Trail Lodge
Jasmer's At Mt. Rainier
The Old Hen Bed & Breakfast
Mountain View Lodge
Alexander's Country Inn
De Voe Mansion Bed & Breakfast
A View With A Room Bed & Breakfast
Mounthaven Resort

White Pass Scenic Byway: nearby destinations

30 Other parks or sites within 200km (125mi):

Mount RainierNational Park - Washington - 21km (14mi)
Gifford PinchotNational Forest - Washington - 67km (43mi)
Mount St. HelensNational Monument - Washington - 71km (45mi)
OlallieState Park - Washington - 85km (54mi)
Spirit Lake Memorial HighwayByways - Washington - 86km (55mi)
Snoqualmie FallsPark - Washington - 97km (62mi)
Seattle - Tacoma International AirportAirport - Washington - 102km (64mi)
SeaquestState Park - Washington - 106km (67mi)
Columbia River Gorge Scenic BywayByways - Washington - 112km (71mi)
Klondike Gold Rush - Seattle UnitNational Historical Park - Washington - 117km (74mi)
Blake IslandState Park - Washington - 118km (75mi)
Seattle 101City Walks - Washington - 118km (75mi)
The Market ExperienceCity Walks - Washington - 119km (75mi)
Pike Place MarketPoints of Interest - Washington - 119km (75mi)
Historic Columbia River HighwayByways - Oregon - 120km (76mi)
Space NeedleLandmark - Washington - 120km (76mi)
Fremont TrollPoints of Interest - Washington - 123km (78mi)
Fremont RocketPoints of Interest - Washington - 123km (78mi)
John Day Lock and DamPoints of Interest - Oregon - 126km (80mi)
Hiram M. Chittenden LocksPoints of Interest - Washington - 126km (80mi)
Deschutes RiverState Park - Oregon - 126km (80mi)
Fort VancouverNational Historic Site - Washington - 145km (91mi)
Portland International AirportAirport - Oregon - 146km (92mi)
Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing TourPoints of Interest - Washington - 148km (93mi)
Mountain Loop Scenic BywayByways - Washington - 155km (98mi)
Mt. Baker-SnoqualmieNational Forest - Washington - 156km (98mi)
Lake ChelanNational Recreation Area - Washington - 174km (110mi)
Ebey's LandingNational Historical Reserve - Washington - 191km (120mi)
Lewis & ClarkNational Historic Trail - Washington - 197km (124mi)
Cape DisappointmentState Park - Washington - 197km (124mi)

96 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

OlympicNational Forest - Washington - 201km (126mi)
OlympicNational Park - Washington - 219km (138mi)
North CascadesNational Park - Washington - 223km (140mi)
Ross LakeNational Recreation Area - Washington - 229km (144mi)
Oak Bay MarinaPoints of Interest - British Columbia - 234km (147mi)
Craigdarroch CastleNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 235km (148mi)
Emily Carr HouseNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 236km (148mi)
St. Ann's AcademyNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 236km (148mi)
Gold Rush Victoria - Rollicking BoomtownCity Walks - British Columbia - 236km (149mi)
Signs of Lekwungen interpretive walkwayCity Walks - British Columbia - 237km (149mi)
Point Ellice HouseNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 238km (150mi)
Duncan CedarPoints of Interest - Washington - 238km (150mi)
AnkenyNational Wildlife Refuge - Oregon - 240km (151mi)
Esquimalt Naval SitesNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 240km (151mi)
Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard LighthouseNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 241km (152mi)
Craigflower Farmhouse and SchoolNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 241km (152mi)
Hatley ParkNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 243km (153mi)
PasaytenWilderness - Washington - 245km (154mi)
Omak StampedePoints of Interest - Washington - 245km (154mi)
John Day Fossil BedsNational Monument - Oregon - 246km (155mi)
Journey Through Time Scenic BywayByways - Oregon - 250km (157mi)
The Butchart GardensNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 253km (159mi)
Victoria International AirportAirport - British Columbia - 259km (163mi)
Gulf IslandsNational Park Reserve - British Columbia - 260km (164mi)
McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Scenic BywayByways - Oregon - 268km (169mi)
Roberts Field - Redmond Municipal AirportAirport - Oregon - 272km (171mi)
Skagit ValleyProvincial Park - British Columbia - 273km (171mi)
ManningProvincial Park - British Columbia - 276km (173mi)
Xá:ytemNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 279km (175mi)
Duncan Totem Pole TourCity Walks - British Columbia - 283km (178mi)
Lake RooseveltNational Recreation Area - Washington - 285km (179mi)
Kilby Historic SiteNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 285km (179mi)
CascadeRecreation Area - British Columbia - 285km (179mi)
Fort LangleyNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 286km (180mi)
Power House at Stave FallsNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 289km (182mi)
Britannia Heritage ShipyardNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 297km (186mi)
Gulf of Georgia CanneryNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 298km (187mi)
Coquihalla CanyonProvincial Park - British Columbia - 300km (188mi)
Vancouver International AirportAirport - British Columbia - 304km (191mi)
Osoyoos DesertPoints of Interest - British Columbia - 305km (191mi)
DeschutesNational Forest - Oregon - 305km (192mi)
Red BridgePoints of Interest - British Columbia - 306km (192mi)
Keremeos Grist MillNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 309km (194mi)
Science WorldPoints of Interest - British Columbia - 310km (195mi)
Chinatown Walking TourCity Walks - British Columbia - 311km (195mi)
The SeawallCity Walks - British Columbia - 311km (195mi)
ChinatownNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 311km (195mi)
Granville IslandPoints of Interest - British Columbia - 311km (195mi)
SunriverNature Center - Oregon - 311km (195mi)
GastownNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 311km (195mi)
Gastown Walking TourCity Walks - British Columbia - 311km (195mi)
Vancouver LookoutLandmark - British Columbia - 312km (196mi)
VanierPark - British Columbia - 312km (196mi)
Vancouver Maritime MuseumNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 312km (196mi)
Similkameen ValleyHistoric and Heritage Site - British Columbia - 312km (196mi)
Harbour Green ParkPark - British Columbia - 312km (196mi)
Eugene AirportAirport - Oregon - 313km (197mi)
Stanley ParkNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 313km (197mi)
Vancouver AquariumZoos and Aquariums - British Columbia - 314km (197mi)
Museum of AnthropologyPoints of Interest - British Columbia - 314km (197mi)
Lynn CanyonPark - British Columbia - 315km (198mi)
Lions Gate BridgeNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 315km (198mi)
NewberryNational Monument - Oregon - 315km (198mi)
Snaza'ist Discovery CentrePoints of Interest - British Columbia - 316km (199mi)
Capilano suspension bridgePark - British Columbia - 317km (199mi)
Historic YaleNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 320km (201mi)
Grouse Mountain and grizzly bearWildlife Refuge - British Columbia - 320km (201mi)
Spokane International AirportAirport - Washington - 321km (201mi)
Cascade Lakes Scenic BywayByways - Oregon - 321km (202mi)
LighthousePark - British Columbia - 321km (202mi)
Dexter ReservoirPoints of Interest - Oregon - 322km (202mi)
LowellState Park - Oregon - 322km (202mi)
Kam Wah ChungState Park - Oregon - 323km (203mi)
DexterState Park - Oregon - 323km (203mi)
Cascade Highway 58 Covered Bridge LoopByways - Oregon - 323km (203mi)
Coast Mountain Circle RouteByways - British Columbia - 341km (214mi)
Hells GatePoints of Interest - British Columbia - 344km (216mi)
Kettle Valley Steam RailwayHistoric and Heritage Site - British Columbia - 348km (218mi)
Britannia Mine MuseumNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 349km (219mi)
Shannon FallsProvincial Park - British Columbia - 353km (221mi)
Sea to Sky GondolaPoints of Interest - British Columbia - 353km (222mi)
West Coast Railway Heritage ParkHistoric and Heritage Site - British Columbia - 359km (225mi)
Brackendale EaglesProvincial Park - British Columbia - 361km (226mi)
OregonNational Historic Trail - Oregon - 362km (227mi)
Pacific RimNational Park Reserve - British Columbia - 363km (228mi)
Outback Scenic BywayByways - Oregon - 365km (229mi)
Brohm Lake Interpretive ForestRecreation Area - British Columbia - 368km (231mi)
Sea-to-Sky HighwayByways - British Columbia - 369km (232mi)
Skookumchuck Hot Springs or St. Agnes WellPoints of Interest - British Columbia - 371km (233mi)
Okanagan MountainProvincial Park - British Columbia - 374km (235mi)
McLean MillNational Historic Site - British Columbia - 380km (239mi)
International Selkirk LoopByways - Idaho - 381km (239mi)
Rossland Mining MuseumPoints of Interest - British Columbia - 385km (241mi)
International Selkirk LoopByways - Washington - 387km (243mi)
GaribaldiProvincial Park - British Columbia - 395km (248mi)
Kelowna International AirportAirport - British Columbia - 397km (249mi)