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Friedman Memorial Airport: general information

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Friedman Memorial Airport: nearby sleeping facilities

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Arco Inn Motel

Friedman Memorial Airport: nearby destinations

17 Other parks or sites within 200km (125mi):

Craters of the MoonNational Monument - Idaho - 36km (24mi)
Craters Of The MoonNational Preserve - Idaho - 36km (24mi)
Peaks to Craters Scenic BywayByways - Idaho - 61km (39mi)
Mackay mine hill tour historic driveByways - Idaho - 69km (44mi)
OregonNational Historic Trail - Idaho - 84km (54mi)
Minidoka InternmentNational Monument - Idaho - 87km (55mi)
Hagerman Fossil BedsNational Monument - Idaho - 90km (57mi)
EBR-1 or Experimental Breeder Reactor-1National Historic Landmark - Idaho - 104km (66mi)
Three ButtesLandmark - Idaho - 109km (69mi)
Morrison KnudsenNature Center - Idaho - 152km (96mi)
BoiseNational Forest - Idaho - 153km (96mi)
Boise AirportAirport - Idaho - 154km (97mi)
Snake River Birds of PreyNational Conservation Area - Idaho - 164km (104mi)
Idaho Falls Regional AirportAirport - Idaho - 180km (113mi)
Celebration ParkCounty Park - Idaho - 180km (114mi)
YellowstoneNational Park - Idaho - 182km (115mi)
Yellowstone Bear WorldZoos and Aquariums - Idaho - 198km (124mi)

36 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

Big HoleNational Battlefield - Montana - 242km (152mi)
Grays LakeNational Wildlife Refuge - Idaho - 243km (152mi)
Pioneer Historic BywayByways - Idaho - 243km (152mi)
HarrimanState Park - Idaho - 245km (154mi)
Ashton to Tetonia TrailState Park - Idaho - 245km (154mi)
Teton Scenic BywayByways - Idaho - 249km (156mi)
Caribou-TargheeNational Forest - Idaho - 250km (157mi)
Mesa Falls Scenic BywayByways - Idaho - 250km (157mi)
National Elk RefugeNational Wildlife Refuge - Wyoming - 287km (180mi)
Bear LakeNational Wildlife Refuge - Idaho - 288km (181mi)
Logan Canyon Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 288km (181mi)
Jackson Hole AirportAirport - Wyoming - 288km (181mi)
Bear River Migratory Bird RefugeNational Wildlife Refuge - Utah - 288km (181mi)
Grand TetonNational Park - Wyoming - 291km (183mi)
Teton Park RoadByways - Wyoming - 293km (184mi)
Rockefeller Memorial ParkwayByways - Wyoming - 303km (190mi)
OregonNational Historic Trail - Oregon - 309km (194mi)
Bridger-TetonNational Forest - Wyoming - 312km (196mi)
YellowstoneNational Park - Montana - 314km (197mi)
YellowstoneNational Park - Wyoming - 318km (199mi)
Wyoming Centennial Scenic BywayByways - Wyoming - 319km (200mi)
Antelope IslandState Park - Utah - 321km (202mi)
Big Spring Scenic BackwayByways - Wyoming - 342km (215mi)
Fossil ButteNational Monument - Wyoming - 344km (216mi)
Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management AreaFish and Wildlife - Utah - 344km (216mi)
Robert N. Hasenyager Great Salt LakeNature Center - Utah - 344km (216mi)
Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.Airport - Montana - 354km (222mi)
Salt Lake City International AirportAirport - Utah - 358km (225mi)
Temple SquareLandmark - Utah - 364km (228mi)
This Is The Place Heritage ParkState Park - Utah - 369km (232mi)
Kennecott Copper MineLandmark - Utah - 376km (236mi)
Wheeler Historic FarmCounty Park - Utah - 378km (237mi)
Missoula International AirportAirport - Montana - 379km (238mi)
Kam Wah ChungState Park - Oregon - 385km (242mi)
HelenaNational Forest - Montana - 390km (244mi)
Buffalo Bill Cody National Forest Scenic BywayByways - Wyoming - 390km (245mi)