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Bishop International Airport: general information

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Bishop International Airport: nearby destinations

10 Other parks or sites within 200km (125mi):

Mbs International AirportAirport - Michigan - 68km (43mi)
Capital Region International AirportAirport - Michigan - 73km (46mi)
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County AirportAirport - Michigan - 90km (57mi)
Fort MaldenNational Historic Site - Ontario - 109km (69mi)
Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse and BlockhouseNational Historic Site - Ontario - 111km (70mi)
Gerald R Ford International AirportAirport - Michigan - 146km (92mi)
Point PeleeNational Park - Ontario - 150km (94mi)
Battle HillNational Historic Site - Ontario - 168km (106mi)
Kalamazoo - Battle Creek International AirportAirport - Michigan - 170km (107mi)
Southwold EarthworksNational Historic Site - Ontario - 196km (124mi)

50 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

Point Clark LighthouseNational Historic Site - Ontario - 201km (126mi)
London International AirportAirport - Ontario - 210km (132mi)
Cleveland Hopkins International AirportAirport - Ohio - 234km (147mi)
Fort Wayne International AirportAirport - Indiana - 251km (158mi)
South Bend AirportAirport - Indiana - 254km (160mi)
Cuyahoga ValleyNational Park - Ohio - 258km (162mi)
WoodsideNational Historic Site - Ontario - 269km (169mi)
Waterloo International AirportAirport - Ontario - 276km (174mi)
Fathom FiveNational Marine Park - Ontario - 303km (190mi)
Bruce PeninsulaNational Park - Ontario - 303km (190mi)
Erie International AirportAirport - Pennsylvania - 307km (193mi)
John C. Munro Hamilton International AirportAirport - Ontario - 310km (195mi)
HMCS HaidaNational Historic Site - Ontario - 316km (199mi)
Port Columbus International AirportAirport - Ohio - 338km (212mi)
General Mitchell International AirportAirport - Wisconsin - 339km (213mi)
Toronto Pearson International AirportAirport - Ontario - 343km (215mi)
Fort St. JosephNational Historic Site - Ontario - 344km (216mi)
Dayton International AirportAirport - Ohio - 344km (216mi)
King's MillPark - Ontario - 351km (220mi)
Humber River, Old Mill and MarshesCity Walks - Ontario - 352km (221mi)
Chicago Midway International AirportAirport - Illinois - 354km (222mi)
Chicago O'Hare International AirportAirport - Illinois - 358km (225mi)
Royal Ontario MuseumPoints of Interest - Ontario - 359km (225mi)
CN TowerPoints of Interest - Ontario - 360km (226mi)
Downtown TorontoCity Walks - Ontario - 360km (226mi)
Uptown TorontoCity Walks - Ontario - 360km (226mi)
Toronto City HallLandmark - Ontario - 360km (226mi)
Allan GardensPark - Ontario - 361km (226mi)
Eastern Ravine and BeachesCity Walks - Ontario - 367km (230mi)
Sainte-Marie among the HuronsHistoric and Heritage Site - Ontario - 368km (231mi)
Wye MarshNational Wildlife Area - Ontario - 368km (231mi)
Battle of Cook's MillsNational Historic Site - Ontario - 371km (233mi)
Saint-Louis MissionNational Historic Site - Ontario - 372km (233mi)
Georgian Bay IslandsNational Park - Ontario - 377km (237mi)
Battlefield of Fort GeorgeNational Historic Site - Ontario - 379km (238mi)
Fort MississaugaNational Historic Site - Ontario - 379km (238mi)
Mississauga Point LighthouseNational Historic Site - Ontario - 379km (238mi)
Butler's BarracksNational Historic Site - Ontario - 379km (238mi)
Rainbow BridgeLandmark - New York - 380km (238mi)
Niagara FallsState Park - New York - 380km (238mi)
Fort GeorgeNational Historic Site - Ontario - 380km (238mi)
Old Fort NiagaraPoints of Interest - New York - 381km (239mi)
Queenston HeightsNational Historic Site - Ontario - 381km (239mi)
Ridgeway BattlefieldNational Historic Site - Ontario - 382km (239mi)
Navy IslandNational Historic Site - Ontario - 384km (241mi)
Austin Straubel International AirportAirport - Wisconsin - 391km (245mi)
Peace BridgeLandmark - New York - 393km (247mi)
Mnjikaning Fish Weirs Murney TowerNational Historic Site - Ontario - 395km (247mi)
Sault Ste. Marie CanalNational Historic Site - Ontario - 397km (249mi)
Pittsburgh International AirportAirport - Pennsylvania - 399km (250mi)