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7 preferred sleeping facilities (B&B's, inns, motels, etc.):

Wigwam Motel & Curios
Travelodge Holbrook
Rodeway Inn Silver Creek
Holiday Inn Express Holbrook-Navajo Blvd Hotel
Heritage Inn Bed and Breakfast
Comfort Inn Snowflake
Best Western Arizonian Inn

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12 Other parks or sites within 200km (125mi):

Petrified ForestNational Park - Arizona - 48km (31mi)
TontoNational Monument - Arizona - 143km (90mi)
El MorroNational Monument - New Mexico - 158km (99mi)
Walnut CanyonNational Monument - Arizona - 159km (100mi)
CoconinoNational Forest - Arizona - 166km (104mi)
Historic Route 66Byways - Arizona - 167km (105mi)
WupatkiNational Monument - Arizona - 170km (107mi)
Montezuma CastleNational Monument - Arizona - 173km (109mi)
Sunset Crater VolcanoNational Monument - Arizona - 173km (109mi)
Canyon De ChellyNational Monument - Arizona - 186km (117mi)
TuzigootNational Monument - Arizona - 191km (120mi)
El MalpaisNational Monument - New Mexico - 197km (124mi)

62 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

Little Colorado RiverPark - Arizona - 211km (133mi)
Gila Cliff DwellingsNational Monument - New Mexico - 213km (134mi)
Tuba City or Moenave Dinosaur Track SitePoints of Interest - Arizona - 215km (135mi)
Casa Grande RuinsNational Monument - Arizona - 223km (140mi)
Phoenix Sky Harbor International AirportAirport - Arizona - 224km (141mi)
Hohokam PimaNational Monument - Arizona - 234km (147mi)
NavajoNational Monument - Arizona - 246km (155mi)
Grand CanyonNational Park - Arizona - 258km (162mi)
SaguaroNational Park - Arizona - 272km (171mi)
Trail of the Ancients National Scenic BywayByways - Arizona - 275km (172mi)
Monument ValleyPark - Arizona - 275km (172mi)
Gouldings Lodge and Historic Trading PostPoints of Interest - Utah - 278km (175mi)
Tucson International AirportAirport - Arizona - 281km (176mi)
ChiricahuaNational Monument - Arizona - 284km (178mi)
Glen CanyonNational Recreation Area - Arizona - 285km (179mi)
Four Corners MonumentLandmark - Utah - 288km (181mi)
San Juan River BridgePoints of Interest - Utah - 293km (184mi)
Lake PowellPark - Arizona - 296km (186mi)
Vermilion CliffsNational Monument - Arizona - 300km (188mi)
Muley PointPoints of Interest - Utah - 302km (190mi)
Rainbow BridgeNational Monument - Utah - 303km (190mi)
PetroglyphNational Monument - New Mexico - 304km (191mi)
Valley of the GodsPoints of Interest - Utah - 306km (192mi)
Moki DugwayPoints of Interest - Utah - 307km (192mi)
Sand Island PetroglyphsPoints of Interest - Utah - 307km (193mi)
Fort BluffHistoric Site - Utah - 310km (195mi)
Albuquerque International SunportAirport - New Mexico - 311km (195mi)
Aztec RuinsNational Monument - New Mexico - 313km (196mi)
Trail of the Ancients National Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 317km (199mi)
GoosenecksState Park - Utah - 322km (202mi)
Yucca HouseNational Monument - Colorado - 328km (206mi)
HovenweepNational Monument - Utah - 329km (206mi)
HovenweepNational Monument - Colorado - 329km (206mi)
Hole In The RockNational Historic Trail - Utah - 329km (207mi)
Mesa VerdeNational Park - Colorado - 334km (209mi)
Butler Wash Indian RuinPoints of Interest - Utah - 336km (211mi)
Mule Canyon Indian RuinsPoints of Interest - Utah - 337km (211mi)
Hole-in-the-Rock Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 338km (212mi)
Salinas Pueblo MissionsNational Monument - New Mexico - 339km (213mi)
Cedar MesaPoints of Interest - Utah - 343km (215mi)
Natural BridgesNational Monument - Utah - 344km (216mi)
Three Kiva PuebloPoints of Interest - Utah - 345km (217mi)
Trail of the Ancients National Scenic BywayByways - Colorado - 346km (217mi)
Dinosaur MuseumPoints of Interest - Utah - 347km (218mi)
Edge of the CedarsState Park - Utah - 349km (219mi)
Canyons of the AncientsNational Monument - Colorado - 353km (221mi)
Grand Staircase EscalanteNational Monument - Utah - 355km (223mi)
Glen CanyonNational Recreation Area - Utah - 357km (224mi)
Pipe SpringNational Monument - Arizona - 362km (227mi)
BandelierNational Monument - New Mexico - 363km (228mi)
Cottonwood Canyon Road Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 366km (230mi)
Kodachrome BasinState Park - Utah - 380km (239mi)
ParashantNational Monument - Arizona - 385km (242mi)
Burr Trail Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 387km (243mi)
Grand Canyon SkywalkPoints of Interest - Arizona - 388km (243mi)
Indian CreekState Park - Utah - 388km (243mi)
Organ Pipe CactusNational Monument - Arizona - 388km (244mi)
East Fork Sevier River Scenic BackwayByways - Utah - 392km (246mi)
Escalante Petrified ForestState Park - Utah - 394km (247mi)
Scenic Byway 12Byways - Utah - 397km (249mi)
San Juan Skyway National Forest Scenic BywayByways - Colorado - 397km (249mi)
Indian Creek Corridor Scenic BywayByways - Utah - 398km (250mi)