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Mont-Tremblant: general information

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Quick info

  • Type of destination: Provincial Park
  • Location of destination: Canada - Québec
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In Quebec, provincial parks are called "national parks", and are managed by the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec, also known as Sépaq. This is why you will not find any information concerning this park at the Parks Canada Website.
More information on the Sepaq and Lakes and More websites.
This is the official Park Map by the Sépaq network.
In Quebec, provincial parks are called "national parks", and are managed by the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec, also known as Sépaq. This is why you will not find any information concerning this park at the Parks Canada Website.
More information on the Sepaq and Lakes and More websites.
This is the official Park Map by the Sépaq network.

Mont-Tremblant: nearby sleeping facilities

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4 preferred sleeping facilities (B&B's, inns, motels, etc.):

Auberge St-Mathieu-du-Lac B&B
Capitainerie du Passant
Gîte L'Ancestral
Auberge Le Bôme

Mont-Tremblant: nearby destinations

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Mont-Tremblant International AirportAirport - Québec - 31km (20mi)
Sir Wilfrid LaurierNational Historic Site - Québec - 72km (46mi)
Carillon CanalNational Historic Site - Québec - 86km (54mi)
Carillon BarracksNational Historic Site - Québec - 86km (55mi)
Manoir PapineauNational Historic Site - Québec - 89km (56mi)
Saint-Ours CanalNational Historic Site - Québec - 108km (68mi)
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue CanalNational Historic Site - Québec - 109km (69mi)
Montréal-Trudeau International AirportAirport - Québec - 110km (69mi)
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Quartier des Spectacles free walking tourCity Walks - Québec - 111km (70mi)
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The Fur Trade at LachineNational Historic Site - Québec - 114km (72mi)
Lachine CanalNational Historic Site - Québec - 114km (72mi)
Coteau-du-LacNational Historic Site - Québec - 118km (75mi)
La MauricieNational Park - Québec - 121km (76mi)
Fort ChamblyNational Historic Site - Québec - 130km (82mi)
Grandes-Piles Municipal Park and WharfPark - Québec - 131km (83mi)
Forges du Saint-MauriceNational Historic Site - Québec - 131km (83mi)
Anse du Port Ecological ParkPark - Québec - 133km (84mi)
Sir John Johnson HouseNational Historic Site - Ontario - 134km (84mi)
Glengarry CairnNational Historic Site - Ontario - 135km (85mi)
Battle of the ChâteauguayNational Historic Site - Québec - 136km (86mi)
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National War MemorialPoints of Interest - Ontario - 144km (91mi)
Discover the HillCity Walks - Ontario - 145km (91mi)
Terry Fox StatuePoints of Interest - Ontario - 145km (91mi)
Confederation Boulevard - A critical noteCity Walks - Ontario - 145km (91mi)
Parliament HillLandmark - Ontario - 145km (91mi)
Canadian Museum of CivilizationPoints of Interest - Québec - 145km (91mi)
GatineauPark - Québec - 145km (91mi)
Canadian War MuseumPoints of Interest - Ontario - 146km (92mi)
Inverarden HouseNational Historic Site - Ontario - 147km (93mi)
Ottawa International AirportAirport - Ontario - 151km (95mi)
Fort LennoxNational Historic Site - Québec - 160km (101mi)
Parc des Chutes de la Petite Rivière BostonnaisRegional Park - Québec - 167km (105mi)
Merrickville BlockhouseNational Historic Site - Ontario - 195km (123mi)
Ogdensburg-Prescott International BridgePoints of Interest - New York - 198km (124mi)

61 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

Battle of the WindmillNational Historic Site - Ontario - 200km (126mi)
Fort WellingtonNational Historic Site - Ontario - 202km (127mi)
Rideau CanalNational Historic Site - Ontario - 205km (129mi)
Renfrew County Highlands TourByways - Ontario - 227km (143mi)
Burlington International AirportAirport - Vermont - 229km (144mi)
Louis S. St. LaurentNational Historic Site - Québec - 232km (146mi)
Québec City Jean Lesage International AirportAirport - Québec - 234km (147mi)
Singer CastleLandmark - New York - 238km (150mi)
Parc des Chutes-de-la-ChaudièreRegional Park - Québec - 239km (150mi)
Cartier-BrébeufNational Historic Site - Québec - 245km (154mi)
Thousand IslandsNational Park - Ontario - 245km (154mi)
Plains of AbrahamNational Historic Site - Québec - 247km (155mi)
Old QuébecCity Walks - Québec - 247km (155mi)
Fortifications of QuébecNational Historic Site - Québec - 247km (155mi)
Québec Garrison ClubNational Historic Site - Québec - 247km (155mi)
57-63 St. Louis StreetNational Historic Site - Québec - 247km (155mi)
Citadelle of QuebècNational Historic Site - Québec - 247km (155mi)
Maillou HouseNational Historic Site - Québec - 247km (155mi)
Saint-Louis Forts and ChâteauxNational Historic Site - Québec - 247km (155mi)
Governor's PromenadePoints of Interest - Québec - 247km (155mi)
Montmorency ParkNational Historic Site - Québec - 247km (155mi)
Lévis FortsNational Historic Site - Québec - 251km (158mi)
Boldt CastleLandmark - New York - 253km (159mi)
Montmorency FallsPark - Québec - 253km (159mi)
Adirondack TrailByways - New York - 275km (173mi)
Canine VillagePoints of Interest - Québec - 276km (173mi)
Mont-Sainte-AnnePark - Québec - 276km (173mi)
Jean-Larose FallsPoints of Interest - Québec - 277km (174mi)
Fort HenryNational Historic Site - Ontario - 286km (179mi)
Kingston FortificationsNational Historic Site - Ontario - 287km (180mi)
Shoal TowerNational Historic Site - Ontario - 287km (180mi)
Murney TowerNational Historic Site - Ontario - 288km (181mi)
Grosse Île and the Irish MemorialNational Historic Site - Québec - 288km (181mi)
Bellevue HouseNational Historic Site - Ontario - 289km (181mi)
Zoo Sauvage de Saint-FélicienZoos and Aquariums - Québec - 295km (185mi)
Connecticut River BywayByways - New Hampshire - 300km (188mi)
Pointe TaillonProvincial Park - Québec - 320km (201mi)
Stone Pillar Lighthouse - Phare du Pilier de PierrePoints of Interest - Québec - 322km (202mi)
Franconia NotchState Park - New Hampshire - 323km (203mi)
AlgonquinProvincial Park - Ontario - 328km (206mi)
Rangeley Lakes Scenic BywayByways - Maine - 330km (207mi)
Grafton NotchState Park - Maine - 332km (209mi)
Mahoosuc Public Reserved LandPark - Maine - 333km (209mi)
AppalachianNational Scenic Trail - New Hampshire - 335km (210mi)
Step FallsPreserve - Maine - 337km (211mi)
Crawford NotchState Park - New Hampshire - 338km (212mi)
Grafton Notch Scenic BywayByways - Maine - 338km (212mi)
White Mountain Trail National Scenic BywayByways - New Hampshire - 338km (212mi)
White MountainNational Forest - New Hampshire - 349km (219mi)
Sandbar Interpretation and Bird Rehabilitation CentreWildlife Refuge - Québec - 351km (220mi)
Kancamagus National Scenic BywayByways - New Hampshire - 352km (221mi)
Carrying Place of the Bay of QuinteNational Historic Site - Ontario - 358km (225mi)
Fort StanwixNational Monument - New York - 359km (225mi)
Central Adirondack TrailByways - New York - 359km (225mi)
AppalachianNational Scenic Trail - Maine - 363km (227mi)
Old Canada Road National Scenic BywayByways - Maine - 363km (227mi)
Trent-Severn WaterwayNational Historic Site - Ontario - 377km (236mi)
Peterborough Lift LockNational Historic Site - Ontario - 381km (239mi)
Syracuse Hancock International AirportAirport - New York - 385km (241mi)
Albert J. Woodford Memorial State ForestPoints of Interest - New York - 389km (244mi)
Saguenay-St. LawrenceNational Marine Park - Québec - 399km (250mi)