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Pointe-à-la-Renommée lighthouse: general information

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Pointe-à-la-Renommée lighthouse: nearby sleeping facilities

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6 preferred sleeping facilities (B&B's, inns, motels, etc.):

Hôtel Motel Le Pharillon
Motel le Noroît
Auberge du Saumonier Lodge
Motel Du Haut Phare
Auberge Motel Caribou
Motel Chalet Baie De Gaspé

Pointe-à-la-Renommée lighthouse: nearby destinations

20 Other parks or sites within 200km (125mi):

Musée de la GaspésiePoints of Interest - Québec - 31km (20mi)
Cathedral of Christ the KingPoints of Interest - Québec - 32km (21mi)
Jacques Cartier's CrossPoints of Interest - Québec - 32km (21mi)
ForillonNational Park - Québec - 37km (24mi)
Cap-des-Rosiers LighthouseNational Historic Site - Québec - 40km (26mi)
Strategic forts of GaspéPoints of Interest - Québec - 42km (27mi)
AppalachianNational Scenic Trail - Québec - 51km (33mi)
l'Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-PercéProvincial Park - Québec - 72km (46mi)
The Lighthouse TrailByways - Québec - 84km (53mi)
St. Lawrence RiverNational River - Québec - 109km (69mi)
GaspésieProvincial Park - Québec - 110km (70mi)
La Martre Lighthouse and museumPoints of Interest - Québec - 114km (72mi)
Mingan ArchipelagoNational Park Reserve - Québec - 137km (86mi)
Acadian Historical VillageNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 151km (95mi)
Wind Energy Interpretation Site - Éole Cap-ChatPoints of Interest - Québec - 155km (98mi)
Cap-Chat LighhousePoints of Interest - Québec - 155km (98mi)
MiguashaProvincial Park - Québec - 170km (107mi)
J. C. Van Horne BridgePoints of Interest - New Brunswick - 195km (123mi)
SugarloafProvincial Park - New Brunswick - 198km (124mi)
Battle of the RestigoucheNational Historic Site - Québec - 198km (125mi)

58 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

Middle Island Irish Historical ParkNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 237km (149mi)
Murray HouseNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 244km (154mi)
Beaubears Island ShipbuildingNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 247km (155mi)
BoishébertNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 247km (155mi)
Wilson's PointNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 249km (157mi)
Augustine Mound and OxbowNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 257km (161mi)
Kedgwick Forestry Village and MuseumPoints of Interest - New Brunswick - 258km (162mi)
Former Kedgwick Railway StationNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 260km (163mi)
KouchibouguacNational Park - New Brunswick - 261km (164mi)
The Great Gathering - Le Grand RassemblementPoints of Interest - Québec - 270km (170mi)
Walls Historic SiteNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 279km (175mi)
Dune de BouctouchePark - New Brunswick - 286km (180mi)
Pointe-au-Père LighthouseNational Historic Site - Québec - 290km (182mi)
L.M. Montgomery's CavendishNational Historic Site - Prince Edward Island - 305km (192mi)
DoakNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 307km (192mi)
Prince Edward IslandNational Park - Prince Edward Island - 316km (198mi)
Navigator's Route - Quebec Route 132Byways - Québec - 316km (198mi)
BicProvincial Park - Québec - 317km (199mi)
Dalvay-by-the-SeaNational Historic Site - Prince Edward Island - 320km (201mi)
The Pascal Poirier HouseNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 321km (202mi)
Grand Falls GorgePoints of Interest - New Brunswick - 327km (205mi)
Charlottetown AirportAirport - Prince Edward Island - 332km (209mi)
Greater Moncton International AirportAirport - New Brunswick - 333km (209mi)
BorePark - New Brunswick - 336km (211mi)
ArdgowanNational Historic Site - Prince Edward Island - 336km (211mi)
Petit-Sault BlockhouseNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 337km (211mi)
Province HouseNational Historic Site - Prince Edward Island - 338km (212mi)
Port-la-Joye-Fort AmherstNational Historic Site - Prince Edward Island - 342km (215mi)
Fort GaspareauxNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 343km (215mi)
Maine Acadian CultureNational Heritage Area - Maine - 344km (216mi)
Monument LefebvreNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 348km (218mi)
Victoria County Court HouseNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 350km (220mi)
Fort Beauséjour - Fort CumberlandNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 361km (227mi)
BeaubassinNational Historic Site - Nova Scotia - 363km (228mi)
Fort LawrenceNational Historic Site - Nova Scotia - 363km (228mi)
Johnson's MillsEcological Reserve - New Brunswick - 364km (228mi)
Hopewell RocksPark - New Brunswick - 366km (230mi)
Northern Maine Regional AirportAirport - Maine - 371km (233mi)
Archéo Topo Interpretation CentrePoints of Interest - Québec - 376km (236mi)
Marysville Historic DistrictNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 378km (237mi)
Joggins Fossil CliffsLandmark - Nova Scotia - 380km (238mi)
Casey's MuseumPoints of Interest - New Brunswick - 380km (238mi)
Hartland Covered BridgeNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 381km (239mi)
The Churches RouteByways - New Brunswick - 381km (239mi)
Old Government HouseNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 382km (239mi)
Christ Church CathedralNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 382km (240mi)
Sir Howard Douglas HallNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 383km (240mi)
Queens County Historical Society & Museum Inc.National Historic Site - New Brunswick - 384km (241mi)
The Birding RouteByways - New Brunswick - 387km (243mi)
Fredericton International AirportAirport - New Brunswick - 388km (243mi)
The Cable Ferries RouteByways - New Brunswick - 389km (244mi)
La PointePark - Québec - 390km (245mi)
Unesco Fundy Biosphere ReserveEcological Reserve - New Brunswick - 390km (245mi)
Marine Mammal Interpretation CenterPoints of Interest - Québec - 391km (245mi)
Old Carleton County Court HouseNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 395km (247mi)
Honourable Charles Connell HouseNational Historic Site - New Brunswick - 397km (249mi)
Saguenay-St. LawrenceNational Marine Park - Québec - 397km (249mi)
FundyNational Park - New Brunswick - 398km (250mi)