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Regina International Airport: general information

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Regina International Airport: nearby sleeping facilities

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Regina International Airport: nearby destinations

1 Other parks or sites within 200km (125mi):

Motherwell HomesteadNational Historic Site - Saskatchewan - 92km (58mi)

16 Other parks or sites between 200km (125mi) and 400km (250mi):

GrasslandsNational Park - Saskatchewan - 206km (130mi)
Fort EspéranceNational Historic Site - Saskatchewan - 218km (137mi)
Fort PellyNational Historic Site - Saskatchewan - 238km (149mi)
John G. Diefenbaker AirportAirport - Saskatchewan - 239km (150mi)
Fort LivingstoneNational Historic Site - Saskatchewan - 248km (156mi)
Battle of Tourond's Coulee / Fish CreekNational Historic Site - Saskatchewan - 257km (161mi)
BatocheNational Historic Site - Saskatchewan - 277km (174mi)
Linear MoundsNational Historic Site - Manitoba - 296km (186mi)
Riding MountainNational Park - Manitoba - 338km (212mi)
Minot International AirportAirport - North Dakota - 343km (215mi)
Fort BattlefordNational Historic Site - Saskatchewan - 358km (225mi)
Riding Mountain Park East Gate Registration ComplexNational Historic Site - Manitoba - 361km (227mi)
Fort WalshNational Historic Site - Saskatchewan - 377km (236mi)
Cypress Hills MassacreNational Historic Site - Saskatchewan - 380km (238mi)
Theodore RooseveltNational Park - North Dakota - 380km (238mi)
Prince AlbertNational Park - Saskatchewan - 386km (242mi)