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We are glad to create your own personalized and unique itinerary for your travels to North America. The price to create your own personal itinerary is 145EUR - all taxes included. We will provide you with a fully detailed itinerary that is at all times accessible and editable online. The itinerary is focused on a number of stops (places you certainly want to see or where you will sleep) and each of these stops will contain pointers to things to do and other places to do in a wide area, so you can freely fill in all details of your trip and change your mind while on the road. This utmost flexibility combined with our experience is what we offer to you - and much more, check out our faq for all details.

We are not a travel agency nor a tour operator, so we do not make reservations for you (we cannot legally do this), we only create an itinerary for you. Each park lists some options to find places to sleep and each airport has a link to find airline tickets and rental cars.

If you already know the departure and arrival dates and cities of your trip, please share them with us so we can take this into account when creating the itinerary. We ask for the ages of the travellers as this impacts certain choices when creating the itinerary (we have enjoyed some of these trips with small children ourselves). Lastly, if you find that the itinerary still needs some minor changes to fit with airline tickets for example, do let us know, we will gladly help you.

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