About us

What is the topic of this site?


This site - www.northamericatouring.com - is focused on trips that you as a traveller can make in Canada and the USA. All trips are inspired by our own trips and some are almost identical to a trip we actually did - we have made over 10 trips ourselves, with and without children. These are all self drive trips, meaning you will need to rent a car and drive it your self, there is no tour guide to accompany you.

What is our unique offer to you?


We present trips that in many ways differ from the regular offers of travel agencies or tour operators. The main difference is our personal experience - we know what we present, we have seen and done it ourselves. From this experience we know that the great National Parks are obvious must sees, but also that many state or provincial parks are often neglected and forgotten gems. Most trips we present do include some lesser known destinations, enjoy them and the peace and quietness of these sites, enjoy the often very scenic roads leading you to these sites. And in your mind contrast this with the rush of millions of people visiting the main parks each year (e.g. Yellowstone has about 5 million visitors each year).

Enjoy the trips we present and the pictures on the site. Dream of your own travels and do not hesitate to have us create your very own and personal trip for you - it will cost you 145EUR and you will get a one of a kind holiday never to forget. Checkout the FAQ to learn why Canada and the USA are such very nice destinations for your holiday. Enjoy your travels!

Who are we?


We are a family (husband, wife and two sons) who like to travel to North America - both the USA and Canada. We have done over 10 trips, 3 of which with our children. North America is our favorite destination for travelling, alas we do not get there as often as we would like to. We want to share our experiences with you, a fellow traveller on your way to North America. We are not a travel agency nor a tour operator, so we do not make reservations for you, we only create an itinerary for you. Each park lists some options to find places to sleep and each airport has a link to find airline tickets and rental cars.